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A vital part of what sets Kenyon Noble above the rest is our Truss division. Kenyon Noble Select Bilt roof and floor trusses are designed and constructed locally, by some of the best in the business; Yes, right here in the Gallatin Valley. Kenyon Noble is home to one of the finest and most efficient local roof and floor truss designers and construction facilities in the West.

Kenyon Noble truss engineers are able to locally design and build custom trusses with the most advanced technology of any size or shape. Our trusses and roof or floor designs are customized to each home’s needs, built to withstand the Montana weather and to homeowner’s or builder's preferences. Kenyon Noble Truss can take care of you from layout to fabrication to delivery.

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Truss Services

From the most knowledgeable, experienced and professional design staff to the most technologically advanced fabrication and manufacturing facility in Montana, Kenyon Noble Truss is able to offer our customers a virtually limitless range of truss options to fit any need or job. We have the ability to customize large scale commercial roof and floor systems, multi-family complexes and single family residential. Feel free to contact us to see what Kenyon Noble Truss can do to help you on your next project!

  • Roof Trusses
  • Floor Trusses
  • Roof Systems
  • Floor Systems
  • Pre-Cut Studs
  • Engineered Roof Trusses
  • Engineered Floor Trusses
  • Multi Family Roof Trusses
  • Commercial Roof Trusses
  • Multi Family Floor  Trusses
  • Commercial Floor Trusses
  • Roof Design Services
  • Floor Design Services
  • Residential Roof + Floor Truss System Design
  • Commercial Roof + Floor Truss System Design
  • Custom Rafter Tails

The Kenyon Noble Truss
Select Bilt Difference

Providing a top quality product and serving our customers to the best of our ability is the driving force, from start to finish, for every Kenyon Noble Select Bilt truss. Doing our best to meet specifications, timeline and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Investments in technology and consistent monitoring of the the best & most efficient use of the roof or floor design, fabrication and layout ensure our customers the highest level roof or floor integrity. All trusses are manufactured on-site in our truss manufacturing and fabrication facility here in the Gallatin Valley, by truss designers and builders from our local community, as well as delivered to the jobsite or to our customer by experienced and certified local drivers. Over the past 30 years Kenyon Noble Truss has grown to become one of the leading truss manufacturers in the West!

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